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The Farmhouse

Come gather around our table, where the warmest memories are made...

Signature Items

  1. Farmhouse Burger
    Farmhouse Burger
  2. Soup of The Day
    Soup of The Day
    Starting at $1.99
  3. Biscuits & Gravy
    Biscuits & Gravy
  4. from scratch baked goods.
    from scratch baked goods.
    4.99 and up

Come as friends, leave as family.

The experience
 You are warmly invited to leave your "every day reality" behind and step into a gentler time at The Farmhouse.  Built in 1880, this home is only one block from the Whitewater Canal in the quaint, historic, village of Metamora.  Here there are not traffic lights or time clocks.  Traffic here includes horse drawn carriages, a canal boat, and an occassional steam engine bringing passengers.  Whether you are staying the night or joining us for a meal, we will make ourselves available to ensure that your visit to The Farmhouse will be a comfortable and memorable one.

Nate, Cassie, Sophia, & Savannah Garrett
It's A Family Affair
The Farmhouse, after much hard work, and a total renovation completed by Cassie's family was established in 2015.  Cassie and her family had the American dream and a whole lot of Faith, hence their adventure began.  Their dream, move home from Omaha, Nebraska to Cassie's childhood home of Metamora, Indiana.  Leave her corporate job behind to start a family ran business.  They wanted the buisness to be one they could be proud of.  They hoped to achieve that with a personable guest experience and an entire menu made from scratch.  With hard work they hope that someday The Farmhouse would be a business they could pass down to their daughters and for many generations to come.  Most importantly, they hope to create a place that you could walk into and not only get a good home cooked meal, but a kind of warmth you ususally only find when going home.